Our Team of Creatives

Oxygen Advertising has been working with the same creative team for years. As a matter of fact, our web programmer and Tandra have worked together for 15 years now! And, our copy writers have been writing brochure and website copy,as well as press releases for almost 16 years with Oxygen.

What we’ve learned is that loyalty comes first. We are loyal to our clients, but we are also loyal to one another. And, with sticking together, we have created a working relationship that goes much deeper than just professionalism. We are friends. We trust one another personally and professionally.

Many times agencies will “farm out” their work to people they find online who “bid” on the work. The agencies will take the lowest bidder and assign their clients precious and valuable work to often inexperienced designers and programmers. We don’t operate like that. We know that quality and service are priorities.

If we produce the best work, for a reasonable price, our clients’ will keep coming back to us. So there you have it! That’s the key to our success.

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