Media Buying

Being bombarded by media reps is never fun. They’re persistent. Too persistent. But we’d rather take the hit than risk you giving in to them just so they’ll go away. It could be a bad move.

There are hundreds, even thousands, of media out there. Some of them are a perfect fit for your company. Most of them aren’t. We’re able to determine which you should go into, and which you should pass on. We also have the experience of taming the wild beast they call “media reps.”

In your neighborhood alone there’s a host of print, TV and radio outlets for your to advertise in. Not to mention the potential media outlets in your region, state, nation or beyond that may be a smart place for your company to get the word out. Many offer outrageous deals and, often times, incentives you don’t need.

Overwhelming, right? It’s our job to sort through the junk and find the golden ticket!

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